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Why you should submit

Any girl who submits her body to her master, knows well that in return she will control his mind and soul.  Submission is not abandoning of the self.

  1. Once a master takes a submissive in his ownership, her every need and desire is his responsibility.  He is the one at her beck and call when she agrees to be at his beck and call.
  2. The girl has the power to lure him with just a quick look towards him. The girl knows that all she has to do is to signal to him that she desires to be taken, and the rest is his job. It is his responsibility to then pleasure her.
  3. The girl submits her body to him, even take the pain, but it is his responsibility to give her what she desires.  She may be taking the pain, but he is the one who needs to ensure the pain is giving her pleasure.
  4. It may seem like the man, her master, is taking pleasure from her body.  In fact, he is just fulfilling his duty to pleasure her.
  5. By surrendering her body, a girl passes on the responsibility of her whole existence, to her master, the man.
Why you should submit

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